Amazon Affiliate Website Questions

I am planning to start a website on amazon products, I don't want to focus on one niche i want to focus on many and write buyers guides and work on my SEO and slowly build up my DA and PA.
Is this a good idea? Or is it better to make a separate site on each niche?

and what is the best and cheapest hosting for this?

What really happens if you stop publishing fresh content?

I realize I haven't had any of my sites or client sites go quiet where i dont publish any content for months, so im curious to see /hear people's views on their own case studies.

Obviously when Google crawls your site and detects new content, it rewards you by crawling more often, and possibly giving you some QDF.

But will rankings begin to suffer if content isn't published after a certain period, lets say 2 months?

Money making methods

Hello everyone,
I am a newbie in IM and I don't know any way how to make money online. I don't have much money to spend. I am not good at writing articles. But I know how to create websites. I know some php and html programming and I have a lot of time.
Can you pls suggest me which money making mehods I should consider?

Content: Hand-written by Sherbert Hoover | US-based, college-educated business owner

You probably know who I am. You’ve probably seen me around. You may like what I have to say. You may not. I don’t appeal to all personalities. Do you want to know what is appealing? My writing.

Have you received content in the past that is dreamily written, but on second glance had more filler than flavor? I have, too.

I despise filler with a burning passion. Get to the point or stop wasting my time, am I right? This is why I don’t have a superhero-branded infographic in your face…

Content: Hand-written by Sherbert Hoover | US-based, college-educated business owner ^(

Health review sites still worth to do?

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I plan to do review sites releated to health niches but when I do researches, I find this site ranking 1st or 1st page on various health 'review' keywords. If custormer see this site, they will still buy Clickbank product? So What I am worrying about is health review sites still worth to do? still can make money from health reviews sites? look forward your replies. Thanks.

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