Paying for directory links?

I'm in the process of ranking a PPL website in the construction niche, and I was wondering if anyone has experience paying for directory links?

There are many high authority directory sites which charge $50+ for lifetime links?

Is this a better investment compared to buying PBN links for a few dollars?

Is there a section on bhw to buy leads?

Need leads of people who are looking for work, online or offline, full or part time.

Lead looks like this:
First Name | Last Name | Age | State | Phone#

Male or Female
Age: 32 to 42
Country: USA
First Language: English

Will pay up to $1.00/each lead depending on the quality of your leads
Looking to purchase 200-400 Leads per week.

If you can find someone who has the leads, I will pay you a $150 bounty just for the referral to them.

WTB Fiverr reviews

Hello everyone,

Im looking to buy some fiverr reviews. For now Im just looking to buy about 10-15 reviews for now to get my sales to boost.

I can only used verify Paypal account.
6.50 per review I will pay you after the review
let me know if interested please.



Hey everybody! I'm new to this whole world of IM but I'm definitely looking forward to this journey and am in awe of the vibrant community. Currently reading these money making threads and they're so interesting! See you guys on the other parts of the forums.

Blessed to be on this website

I'm so happy to be on a site with people that share the same ideas of making profit and working in the IM.

I didn't come here to learn how to make money, I came here in order to find new tehniques and flips for the method I use. I hope that I'll make new friends and get into some joint ventures with you guys !
Hope y'all having a great day !

P.S: A lot of you say Tumblr is dead. It aint, it just has 2-3 major niches, and the rest is crap
You can easily pull $100-$200/day in fashion/porn/drugs

Hey everyone

Brand new here. always looking for knowledge and good deals on making my life easier! Before I start asking for recommendations i am going to look around for a bit. Cheers everyone.

Greetings to everyone

I'm still a student and a beginner in IM. I'm here hoping to have quite a good skill in IM before I graduate in college. Thank you for everyone who shares their knowledge in this site.*cheers*

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