[Giveaway] Expired Domain with DA/PA/TF/CF >= 10

Hi everyone,

I've joined this forum for a long time & learned a lot from here. And this is my first post.

Today I will share 5 domains with DA/PA/TF/CF >= 10 everyday until this thread is closed.

  • I will make sure that the list is available at the first time I send.
  • Just reply to this post & I will send you a PM the list of current day.


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Thank you for reading :)

YouTube account terminated Please help

Hi my YouTube channel got terminated (all my fault) due to copyright strikes. After that I made many channels linked to the same Adsense account but all got disabled. I made a new Adsense and new YouTube account still my account got disabled. so my questions are:
1. What to do that my new YouTube channel linked with new or old adsense account doest get disabled?
2. If I use new computer with new IP address , new adsense, new bank account, different payee name , still my account will get…

YouTube account terminated Please help ^(http://marathiplus.in/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/youtube-account-terminated-please-help.902509/)



My name is Josh and I have over 5 years CPA Marketing experience under my belt.
Both Good experiences and Bad experiences.
I'm looking to shed some light on any questions people have.
I've been internet marketing for almost 7 years, I love it and I find pleasure in teaching other people about it!

I'm not a millionaire, nor do I pull in $2k per day.
But, I make…

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[MY JOURNEY] – make £3000 from scratch before August 1st 2016.

Ok so this is for the newbies of the forum, or those who are not too familiar with Facebook and making money using Facebook Groups.

So DAY 1: Created 10 accounts myself on my home IP (im still sick and therefore haven't returned to the office), Phone Verified them using the sim cards I bought off Ebay (£29 for 100) using an old samsung phone to verify them.

Tools required: Massplanner

Added 10 accounts into Massplanner. Set the features up to search for UK groups based on counties and…

[MY JOURNEY] – make £3000 from scratch before August 1st 2016. ^(http://marathiplus.in/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/my-journey-make-3000-from-scratch-before-august-1st-2016.843437/)

Keyword research and tools to use

Good evening people of BHW.

As the new years approaches, I have made a goal for 2017 dedicated to learning SEO and to create an amazon affiliate website for that purpose ( journey thread coming soon ).

That being said, the amount of information listed here on BHW is overwhelming. I have read a lot of journey threads as well as many SEO guides. There were, however, few things I could not find or understand for the beginning, so experienced opinion on these matters would be highly…

Keyword research and tools to use ^(http://marathiplus.in/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/keyword-research-and-tools-to-use.902339/)

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