First $200 day with Bing Ads + Clickbank….

I have finally reached my first goal of $200 in a day with clickbank and Bing ads!

View attachment 64870 ^(

The only issue is the product is one of those that only gets searches near the end of the week. For example
I got 250 hops on Saturday and $221.00 in sales but only 5 hops on Sunday. I will not get any hops until about
Thursday now. This is consistent with the past 2 months.

Now I just need to find a similar converting product that sells every day, LOL

My earnings were $221 and my…

First $200 day with Bing Ads + Clickbank…. ^(

I can’t create clickbank account!!

HI guys!
As Click bank is the most popular affiliate program on the internet but as i'm from nepal I 'm unable to create a clickbank account! Anyone who can help me find an alternate way for creating a clickbank account from nepal? And if you know any other other affiliate programs please giv me suggestions! Thank you!

How to get .99p/usd godaddy domains?!?!

I have used the code to do so once and it wont let me use it again on this account to buy another domain?

Does anyone know how to get around this issue apart from having multiple accounts (would be a major pain as all the other domains i wish to purchase are domain name variations of the domain i bought above).

All the best guys!

Apple Uploader Site/Software?

I can develop 5html iOS apps, but can't upload them without a Mac. Is there a website or software that I can use to upload to the Apple store? *Please, no offers to do it for me.*

If there is not a website through which you can upload to Apple, that might be a subscription project for someone who can code. Create a subscription website that spoofs iOS, for Windows users to upload to the Apple app store.

get social media boost 99% automated method

No talking, lets get to the deal.

1.So, you go to the website and sign up ( yes no ref links here)
2. Go to the website and download bot
3. Create 5 twitter accounts and assign each account on youlikehits account. Also at you likes you must change ip and register 5 accounts. everytime you register account change ip.
4. make a notepad file and remember which accounts are linked under what name at youlikehits because this will make things clear

get social media boost 99% automated method ^(

Looking for cheap windows cloud cps

Looking for something like amazon with about 2 gig of ram and with hourly bill. Amazon currently charges 0.038 cents per hour and would like to cut this down lower.

Anyone familiar with any providers?

Specs im looking for:

Windows and ability to rdp
about 1.5-2 gig ram
any hdd. hdd can be low like 10 gigs if anything.

Thank you very much

anybody use fraudfilter?

Anybody else experiencing problems recently such as clicks which are not recorded thus not redirected in Fraudfilter?

I am 90% sure it is not my fault and have double checked my setting but just want to check if anybody else experiencing the same

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