Do 404 pages pass linkjuice when I add URL to it?

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I am still building my pbn´s out. On most of them I recreated the most important pages. Obviously I can´t recreate all of them. There are sites with only 1-2 links. They get an 404. So I added an 404 page with a link to my home page. Does that link pass any juice?

On one of my PBN I have a problem with 2 linked PDF files. Those 2 PDF´s have massive and strong links. Now I am not sure if I should reupload the 2 PDFs (found them via waybackmachine) or should I leave my 404 page with the…

Do 404 pages pass linkjuice when I add URL to it? ^(

Email Marketing

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What is the fair price per email to buy email list these days?

Anyone know of any lead capturing platforms

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Need to be affordable.

What are your struggles in getting your site listed on Google News?

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I've been managing Google News websites for a while already. I've seen how it has become more challenging to get your site listed on Google News than how it was two to three years ago.

I do not know everything about Google News but I might be able to help. Feel free to post all your Google News-related questions below.

I'll answer based on my first-hand experience. I'll let you know if I don't know the answer.

******** links allowed

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how many follow links in your site to other sites allowed before it is considered pure spam or get pure spam penality?

if it is 5 links allowed ,can i change them to nofollow and give another 5 follow links to other sites?
thank you in advance

using PBN for 2 different moneysites

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If I have a re-purposed PBN that is now about loosing weight, would it be fine to add one more post about renting cars and link to my 2nd money site?


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I'm new here, so I'm greeting you all.

For 6-7 years I have been engaged in marketing & advertising online, PTC and GPT programs, CPA is my passion (so i builded my own network).

There is much more to learn. I am honored to be part of this community :)


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My paypal account was limited and paypal is requiring that I upload the INVOICES/RECEIPTS for 5 specific sales before they will restore my account.

However, all of my items are DROPSHIPPING purchases (from amazon and other online retail stores where I purchase the item from an online retailer after it has sold and I have it shipped directly to the ebay customer), so I'm very concerned that if I show them the receipts that they will close my account since I don't actually have the items I'm…

DROPSHIPPING: Paypal account LIMITED and asking for INVOICES/RECEIPTS ^(

Google failing at security (Warning!)

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Getting a phishing site for the the keyword "adwords". Seriously Google? This gets through now?

First ad is fake…

View attachment 95838 ^(

The top ad links to a phishing site…

View attachment 95839 ^(

I read this somewhere else and thought nah Google aint that dumb. Guess Im proved wrong. Careful out there people :mad:

Have I committed a legal offence?

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If I sold digital product for 40$ and obtained over 1000$ but gave refunds to those who requested on eBay, am I fucked?