allowed to post negative review for sub optimal work?

Written by  on October 31, 2017

Ordered some copywriting through the copyrighting forum. While the customer service and turn-around time was very commendable, the writing was sub-optimal to say the least. I was not expecting them to have the literary prose of a Harvard grad, but overall, I was seriously unimpressed with the quality of writing.

I don't want to submarine anyone's writing business on here, but kind of amazed how bad the writing was, given the feedback from other users who also placed orders.

I need help customizing a php script i bought

Written by  on October 31, 2017

Please someone help me with customization of a php script i purchased…send me a message please or drop your skype

Automotive Parts / Wholesale

Written by  on October 31, 2017

Would anyone be interested in auto parts (mostly for cars like BMW, Mercedes, Audi), hit me a PM for more details.

i want to start dropship on ebay

Written by  on October 31, 2017

can somebody help me with start
i want to use DSMTOOL or there is any better option?
can you guys please send me some guides or guide me somehow to start sell on ebay
thank you

Looking for guest posters and backlink partners

Written by  on October 31, 2017

Looking to pay $5-$15 per posting. Content will be provided.

Trying to make an anime scraper

Written by  on October 31, 2017

Is there a way to make an anime scraper that will get the video links of episodes added on that specific date? (Basically a script that will scrape new anime episodes)

Script that saves subscribers emails to my server database?

Written by  on October 31, 2017

I want to put a simple email subscription web form on my site where the visitors can put their email address, click 'subscribe button, and get message for successful subscription. And i want to save the emails in the database on my server. Any one know for a free script that can do this?

Any reputable, 99% uptime offshore hosting?

Written by  on October 31, 2017

I am looking for hosting recommendations. I am not particularly picky on which location, so long as something that don't recognize DMCA complaints and has english language translation with 99% uptime.

Pls no technicalities, I don't have much knowledge in hosting. A simple cpanel access with WP platform is good enough. (no VPS jargons)


Moving site to brand new domain, keeping ranking?

Written by  on October 31, 2017

Hey, have you ever tried moving your site to a brand new domain? I wonder if 301 really keeps rankings.

E.g. you have your site which ranks on page #1 for bunch of terms. You move your site to, exactly the same content, everything the same, 301 old domain to new domain per URL.

Do you immediatelly get the same great rankings on page #1 for the brand new domain?