What do you think?

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I don't want to give advice to a eCommerce client regarding setting up a business, taxes etc. One of my clients built a brand in 2016 and is doing well this year. He did his own taxes for 2016 because he was a sole proprietor and he told me he broke even. Last year he quit his job and will be owing a lot of taxes because he made huge profits with his eCommerce brand this year.

When he sets up his LLC could the accountant register his business he created for March of 2016?

SSL Problem(I need help)

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Hi everyone. I just bought a VPS apache ubuntu 16.04 1 click wordpress install from digital ocean(this is my first time ever using a VPS) and I created a site. Then I went ahead and got an SSL but now when I go to my site I get this:

This site is unreachable
The server rejected the connection.

I tried two times from scratch and this is the error I got everytime. I contacted their support but they sent me to some youtube videos :( Maybe someone here had this type of problem and could give…

SSL Problem(I need help) ^(http://marathiplus.in/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/ssl-problem-i-need-help.991404/)

My Bots + Offers,Your Tokens/Accounts + usage = $$$

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I have acess to couple of Bots i'd like to JV with interested persons here.

Tinder Bot
Tagged.com Bot
MoccoSpace Bot
9gag.com Bot
StumbleUpon Bot
xTumble Bot
Wanelo Bot

Interested persons who has got tokens/accounts and will like to run any of these Bots are welcome to PM me.

My Job:
–I can set up a VPS account if you do not have to run the Bot.
— I will also supply offer(s) as the case may be.
— Do research if you request me to.

Your Job:

My Bots + Offers,Your Tokens/Accounts + usage = $$$ ^(http://marathiplus.in/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/my-bots-offers-your-tokens-accounts-usage.988063/)

Beta Testing Name Brand Clothing

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We're checking to see if we can get distribution going for Italian fashion brands. We'll be adding six fashion companies in the next month.

Take a look: MentalBunny.com

Affiliates will receive 10% for every order. December 25th, new affiliates will only receive 5%.

Payouts will be provided with Certified Checks.

This offer is only available to residents of 48 US Main States.

45k Facebook Page

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I have a facebook page with 45,000 followers for sale..accepting offers.

Is Weebly worth it for a Web Design noob?

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I've used Weebly in the past for small projects and I like their drag and drop build features but now I'm looking to build something a little more professional.

I feel like the Pro package where you can use your own domain is kind of expensive at $15/month. Am I wrong in thinking this?

I look forward to hearing your input, thanks! :D

MY Ogads + Youtube Method

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Hey everyone , earlier i opened a topic about my earning ..

So basically i want to share my method with you guys , as BHW helped me a lot.

This is my first sharing method , and english isnt my native langauge so sorry if i have any mistakes.

What would you need to this method?
1.Youtube Account
2.Ogads Account
3.30-60 Minutes a day

After you setup all this lets start.

We promoting Tv Shows .

Lets say we are promoting family guy as example.

So you will need to go to -…

MY Ogads + Youtube Method ^(http://marathiplus.in/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/my-ogads-youtube-method.991365/)

Any good dating program with weekly payment?

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Hi looking for a dating program that has weeklys for at least $500 week min sales more if I am happy. Getting paid by btc is a plus to if you have anything please hmu with your contact info. I really like the the $45-$65 sales offers.
I already work with crak they are good but looking for more.

So be it! Once upon a time in the Internet..

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Hey folks. My name is Phil, I'm 23 yo. I'm living in Poland. I'm really into music. I'm playing (learning how to play rather) acoustic and bass guitar. I love photography. Maybe someday you will hear about me somewhere else, when I actually achieve something great :D

I came here yesterday with a thought of coming back to earning money on my own via Internet. Back in my high school days I found out about CPA or PPA. You know..sites like Sharecash.

That was my first touch with earning…

So be it! Once upon a time in the Internet.. ^(http://marathiplus.in/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/so-be-it-once-upon-a-time-in-the-internet.991344/)

Amazon.co.uk verified reviews

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I'm looking for real verified reviews for my products on amazon.co.uk. I'm willing to pay $10/review, $5 upfront and $5 is the listing remains for 5 days.

It may be short sentences, i will provide you with discount codes and free shipping coupons.

If you are intrested, please contact we with pb as i don't have enough posts to reply or send pm's myself.