Never add spam websites to GWT

Written by  on December 15, 2017

just got a spam manual action emails for 8 websites all of them deindexed
the websites where just wordpress blogs with a lot of autogenerated articles, i have another one in another gwt account using same technique and it's still indexed so keeping all your websites in the same gwt account is a big risk

maybe it was talked about before but this is at least a reminder

Anybody for a Google places review swap ?

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I'm looking for some Google Places review. I have a 8 years old account (mine). Hit me up in DM if you wanna swap :)

New to crypto

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hi where is the best place to buy coin other than Coinbase which I have but just looking to maybe get some others which arnt yet on Coinbase..
Thanks for your help


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Hello, i wanted to know, how can i make money through instagram?
I'm currently growing my account, Luxury niche and im at 750 followers (in 6 days!< account 3y.o).
I was thinking of selling shoutouts once i hit 100k or 50k , but obviously i dont know where, when , how, prices, etc..
i'd glad if someone would help me, cause im not going to do the OGads method as im still too new for this.
just want a minimum income of 30-50$ day after reaching 100k followers, as i understood im able of…

Instagram. ^(

Is there any Google Business Page Verification Services?

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Hi There

Is it possible to get verified on Google Business pages through buying services from anywhere? I never used those before so if someone used it, your suggestion will help me a lot :)

Question regarding engagement groups vs dm likes.

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What is difference between telegram engagement groups and dm likes? I feel they both do the same thing.

Can someone please help?

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I have a Facebook business page that has an event going where people nominate a family in need to win a van. Some of these nominations have 1000 to 2000+ shares. My problem is that I need to view the shares to make sure there was no cheating and to disregard the duplicates. However, when I view the shares and keep scrolling down through the list of names, the list soon starts repeating itself and does not display all of the shares in their entirety.

Is there any app, site, or program that…

Can someone please help? ^(

Opinion on dating SMS messages quite strange

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So I was talking to someone on a dating site.
after some messages about hobbies etc, I gave my phone number

I just received a message that says "hey I'm one of the girls you talked yesterday. Which one? Larisa"

it sounds very strange to me that somebody would say that… it feels like a pimp proposing his girls…
I replied "dude, don't even try"

is it possible that that can do something with my phone number? (besides marketing which i don't care because I never pick up my phone)

DO you…

Opinion on dating SMS messages quite strange ^(

This is what 4 years of ICO activity looks like

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Best 10 Cryptocurrency to invest in 2018

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are those really the best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2018