A good old moan about im exspensive 2017 >

Written by  on November 8, 2017 

Hi there all , i started im in 2013 , everythink i done was free and was grate .

i remeber the days of keyword stuffing and earning in adsence daily.

i also earnt doing website that business had no website the good old days and grate cash.

then ill go around and make websites responsive that was also good money

cost me nothink just time , even the apps where downloadable free to do website design.

today i got to have hosting , vpn , vps , proxies , exspesinsive links , exspired domains…

A good old moan about im exspensive 2017 > ^(http://marathiplus.in/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/a-good-old-moan-about-im-exspensive-2017.985957/)

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