This is How Google is Trowing You OFF (PrintScreen Attached)

Written by  on November 15, 2017

I've decided to create a new thread showing 2 PrintScreen Shoots of how Google is trowing people off now days: ^( ^(
45 Days upon creating 1 link I was in a worst position than when I sent the link ( ^( ), 2 weeks later I jumped to the first page, this was a exact match anchor from an expired domain, I did wait 60+ days before sending the link from…

This is How Google is Trowing You OFF (PrintScreen Attached) ^(

Easy Blog Network – Question

Written by  on September 16, 2017

Hey everyone, I sent an email to easy blogs network a couple of days ago with no response, this is why I decided to open this tread, for anyone using EBN, can I subscribe for the $49 package and later on upgrade packages without losing my current hosted websites ? Thanks!

GSA + RankerX + SEREngines !!!PROGRESS!!!

Written by  on September 14, 2017

Hey everyone, I decided to make this post to show my progress with the combo "GSA + RankerX + SEREngines", I start a new website 2 months ago, first week posted the 220 articles in the website, next 3 weeks work powering up the TIER 1 (Rankerx + SEREngines) and TIER 2 (GSA) ******** contextual only (JoomlaK2 unselected).

This is what I'm doing:

For every URL I create 3 links with the anchor text below (example only):

dog training
what is the best dog training in 2017
best dog training in…

GSA + RankerX + SEREngines !!!PROGRESS!!! ^(