Removing Ghost Followers

Written by  on October 10, 2017

Does anyone have an app or wesbite (that is not expensive) that I can use to remove any ghost followers I have on my instagram profile?

I would greatly appreciate it!

Which Views Do I Buy?

Written by  on October 10, 2017

Hey there,

Long story short, im an established comedian on youtube with really good conent and about 60k subs

I wanna try seeing If my halloween videos can get on the trending tab possibly or at least do better than they normally do.

I wanna try buying views, I checked the view sellers we have on BHW, but im confused at how they word the views they sell.

For Example, this one site has multiple options for views:

1. 70% retention rate (30 days to refill) <– idk what that means. Cost .31…

Which Views Do I Buy? ^(http://marathiplus.in/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/which-views-do-i-buy.978618/)

Upload same video on 2 Youtube Accounts (Test?)

Written by  on September 30, 2017

Hey guys,

So Long story short – I'm a comedian on oyutube, got about 60k subs. I tried buying views about a year ago and wanted to test it out, sometimes it helped my videos rank higher, and sometimes my videos just got ghosted completly.

Anyway, my channel kind of got ghosted because of it, my channel's growth dropped dramatically over time – I was told by a few sources that buying fake views can cause youtube to basically ghost your channel, idk how true it is but considering how…

Upload same video on 2 Youtube Accounts (Test?) ^(http://marathiplus.in/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/upload-same-video-on-2-youtube-accounts-test.976483/)